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On November 1, 2014 16 Ukrainian NGOs started the implementation of their projects supported as part of the the project "Common future of the Ukrainian society after the Maidan. Promoting mutual understanding and cooperation in conflict prevention", implemented by the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Association of People Universities (DVV International) and the Integration and Development Center for Information and Research with the financial support by the Foreign Office of Germany (Auswartige Amt).

The main objective of the project competition announced in late September for the civic organizations - to promote the formation of a democratic society and a successful local development in Ukraine by improving the capacity of civil society organizations, local communities, including representatives of local authorities in order to sustain a dialogue between different groups of population at the regional and interregional levels.

Totally 16 projects from 11 regions of Ukraine for the amount of 75,000 Euro were supported among 34 project proposals submitted to the grant committee.
All of them address the most urgent problems of the Ukrainian society.

Each project represents a concrete action to overcome the effects of hostilities in the country, or promote a dialogue between different groups of the population and the authorities, including between the IDPs and the local population in different regions of Ukraine. A number of projects are directly aimed at solving problems related to social adaptation and integration of IDPs from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions, providing them with social and legal protection and integration into local communities, initiating volunteer and self-organization groups programs.

Each project aims at the prevention or resolution of existing conflicts through training of different groups of local communities (NGO leaders, teachers, students, etc.), as well as the expansion of democratic participation in resolving local problematic issues and meeting challenges of sustainable local development.

Projects must be fully implemented until 15 February 2015, so that each organization were able to provide the results achieved at the forum of NGOs involved in the project scheduled for the end of February.

Below is a list of organizations implementing projects with theircontacts where you can find the most current information about ongoing events.

1. The community foundation of Kherson city "Zahist"(“Protection”); the project "Integration of IDPs in educational institutions of Kherson region"

2. Vinnytsia regional organization of "Knowledge" society; the project "Podillya - Crimea" (mutual introduction of cultures of Crimean Tatars and the inhabitants of Podillya region)

3. Regional Noncommercial NGO "Center for Social Partnership" (Sumy); the project "Public dialogue as a tool to reduce tensions between the government and the community of Sumy"

4. NGO "Council of Young Scientists"; the project "The prevention of conflicts in modern Ukrainian society through constructive dialogue among students and academic environment of Sumy".

5. NGO "Cultural Di@log" (Kremenchug); the project "The Incubator of Trust"

6. NGO "Center for Education and Human Development"; the project "Interactive training for internally displaced Crimeans in Lviv - the key to their integration and adaptation in a crisis situation"

7. NGO "Kyiv educational center "Space of Tolerance"; the project "Meeting at the new place: educational activities for young immigrants (IDPs) and school psychologists»

8. NGO "Crimean Diaspora"; the project "The second all-Ukrainian Forum of internally displaced persons from the Crimea and eastern Ukraine»

9. Charitable organization "Light of Hope" (Poltava); the project "One country - one people"

10. Odessa Regional Mediation Group, the project "Bridges. Building bridges, not walls. Organizing dialogues on the integration of IDPs in the local community

11. NGO "Academy of liberal education" (Kremenchug), the project "The assistance for those who help means assistance to people in need"

12. NGO "Ukrainian Center ‘Zlagoda’"; the project "The online course on Conflict Management and Mediation"

13. NGO "Democratic and civic initiatives" (Korosten, Zhytomyr region); the project "Establishing a dialogue between different groups at the regional and inter-regional levels"

14. Kharkiv city NGO "The Union of Chernobyl"; the project "The establishment of on-line consultation centers for citizens affected by the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine"

15. The Center of Humanistic Technology "Ahalar" (Chernigov); the project "Linked with one goal”

17. Charitable Foundation "Community resources and initiatives" (Chernivtsi); the project "The harmonization of inter-ethnic relations and the creation of a tolerant environment for the IDPs in Chernivtsi region"




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