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1. Ministry of Education and Science of Autonomous Republic of Crimea

2. Crimean Branch of the Institute of the Innovative Technologies and Content of Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The Institute is the leading state educational scientific institution of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science.

The main task of the Institute is the realization of the state policy in the sphere of education, satisfaction of scientific and methodological needs, improvement of education content and methods of teaching and upbringing at all levels of national system of continuous education.

The important task of the Institute is to assist integration of the Ukrainian education system into the world system, its parity entering into the world educational space, study of the world education systems' development.

3. Crimean Republican Institute of the Postgraduate Pedagogic Education

Among the main tasks are:

raise of the level of teachers' skills;

preparation of the system of education managers;

scientific and methodological provision of education and upbringing process in educational institutions of the region, approbation and introduction of innovative pedagogic technologies in education institutions' practice;

research work on the base of educational institutions for new pedagogic technologies, systems and methods approbation;

development of the distant learning system in the region;

4. Crimean branch of the A. E. Krymsky Oriental Studies Institute of the National Ukrainian Science Academy

The main task of the Institute branch is the conduct of fundamental researches in the sphere of Byzantium studies, study of the influence of great East civilizations on the Crimean ancient and middle ages ethno-cultural complex formation, history, ethnology and material culture of Turkic and Iran language Crimean and Black Sea region peoples, and also ethno genesis of Crimean Tatar people, Crimean Christian population and small ethno confessional communities, history of Christianity, Islam and Judaism on the peninsular.

5. Ukrainian Center for Common Ground - Crimean office (Earlier - Search for Common Ground in Ukraine), is the Ukrainian non-governmental Charity organization);

Purpose - formation of the harmonic public relations in Ukraine by means of restoration mechanisms introduction (conflict resolution programs and restorative justice) into the public institutions.

6. Odessa Mediation Group

It is a non-governmental organization which provides cooperation in conflict and dispute resolution. The main spheres of activities includes education and implementation of alternative dispute resolution.

7. Regional Resource Agency "Crimea-Perspective" - non-governmental organization, established in 1999.

The purpose of the agency - to promote the open civil society development and democratic relations in the Crimea, to support international, state, regional and local programs, directed at the stabilization of inter-ethnic situation in poly-ethnic regions: to make intercultural dialogue, ethnic conflicts prevention work more active.

8. Ukrainian Independent Center for Political Research

It is a non-governmental research organization the purpose of which is to analyze foreign and domestic politics and provide information and consultation assistance to democratic Ukrainian institutions.

9. Simferopol City Non-governmental organization "Taurida Center of Hellenistic researches "Elpida"

The main tasks of the organization:

Scientific research of ethnic history, archeology, philology, education and culture of Greeks in the Crimea, Ukraine, CIS and abroad;

Study and dissemination of Greece language, history and culture;

Assist to the formation of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional tolerance in Crimea, peace and civil society formation.




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Culture of Neighborhood: 'My family, my neighbors and me'

'Culture of Neighborhood: 'My family, my neighbors and me'. Workbook for the 1st grade pupils of primary schools, 2007


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